HEIAN SHINDO was established 1952 in Osaka, Japan. At the time of its establishment, it was the first company to mass produce aluminium sashes in Japan. HEIAN SHINDO thereafter turned its attention to the increase of apartment housing in urban areas of Japan, accompanying the development of the country. It was the first company in Japan to develop the HEIAN Rod, which increases storage space without the use of screws or nails. For sixty years, HEIAN SHINDO have adapted with the times through ingenuity and made possible a better life for consumers.

What is a HEIAN Rod?

The HEIAN Rod, which makes a stylish solution for storage, is very easy to set up. Setting up storage spaces until now have meant a certain amount of labour, in the forms of measuring, assembling, and such. However, with the HEIAN Rod, there is no need for measuring or assembling. The HEIAN original crimping mechanism enables a perfect set-up, allowing you to freely create storage space in any type of setting without the use of tools. In addition, since removal is also simple, it is possible to try out various layouts for storage solutions. The HEIAN Rod’s simple design will choreograph your life with style.


1952- Established in Osaka as the first company to mass produce aluminium sashes in Japan.
1975- Sold off aluminum sash operations. Converted into a manufacturer of consumer goods. Released the HEIAN Rod.
1976- Awarded the Excellent Inventions Award at the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions’ Idea Products Fair.
1982- Built Gifu Warehouse.
1989- Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th class, Gold and Silver Rays.
1990- Founder Tatsuji Sasai received Medal of Honor, Dark Blue Ribbon.
1995- Released a series of HEIAN Rods for disaster prevention.
1996- Yasuo Sasai was inaugurated as the company’s President.
1998- Contracted a manufacturing alliance with a Thai manufacturer.
2003- Established Hong Kong Heian Co., Ltd.
2007- Contracted a manufacturing alliance with Chinese manufacturers.
2014.6- Launched web media platform “cataso”.
2014.11- Awarded the Special Prize of the Simple Style Award by the Housekeeping Association Japan.
2015.1- Inaugurations: Kayoko Takeuchi as President, Kazuhiro Takeuchi as COO.
Exhibition displayed at AceTech in Ahmedabad, India.
Kayoko Takeuchi selected as a finalist in LED Kansai Ladies’ Entrepreneur Discussions.
2015.10- Selected as a finalist of “Booming”, a special program which supports small, growing businesses by Osaka Metropolitan Government.