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If you are worrying how to tidy up your rooms, HEIAN Rod is the perfect solution. Make efficient use of the dead space in your rooms! By just installing HEIAN Rod, you can increase the storage space for the clothes or commodities with your own ideas.

Movies how to use HEIAN products

Easy to install
by simple length tuning.

HEIAN Rod enables you to create more storage space in your rooms. You can install HEIAN Rod by adjusting the length to fit in a variety of spaces such as closet, kitchen or any other dead space in your rooms. We have an abundant product line up to meet any storage space dimensions. No tools are required and it is very easily and quickly to install HEIAN Rod.

Generate your various idea with HEIAN Rod in your rooms!

By installing HEIAN Rod, you can create more storage space with your own idea as you like over the dead space between the walls, pillars or any other flat surfaces in your rooms. Also, you can make use of HEIAN Rod not only for the storage space but also for as a decoration shelf to place accessories or something else. Further, HEIAN Rod could be used to make partitions or cover the storages. It's up to you how to use HEIAN Rod!

It can be installed stably and bear up under the heavy loads.

You can extend / shorten HEIAN Rod to adjust the length in a variety of dead spaces. Also, along with the unique mechanism of the end caps for the stable fixing, HEIAN Rod has a structure to bear up under the heavy loads by gripping up the rotary knob to fits stably between walls.