HEIAN Rod Standard

The most standard of the HEIAN Rods. There are four sizes corresponding to any gaps, expanding from 50-280cm. The construction using a jack makes it suitable for storing clothes and other things. The cavity in the cap is a structure born from 40 years of research and experience. When weight is applied to it, it becomes more difficult for the rod to slide.


Mounting range : 170cm-280cm
Pipe diameter : 29.6mm
Max. load : 30kg-8kg


Mounting range : 110cm-190cm
Pipe diameter : 29.6mm
Max. load : 45kg-15kg


Mounting range : 75cm-120cm
Pipe diameter : 29.6mm
Max. load : 50kg-30kg


Mounting range : 50cm-75cm
Pipe diameter : 29.6mm
Max. load : 50kg-40kg


Pipes / Steel pipe (epoxy resin powder coating)
Resin components / ABS resin, PP resin, Synthetic rubber
Screw / Steel (plated finish)
Fitting / Steel (plated finish)