HEIAN Rod Strong

This is the HEIAN Rod, the heaviest carrying rod in Japan. We created this series as an answer for voices requesting something for hanging heavier things, the Strong Type, with a maximum carrying load of 80 kg. It has a distinctive cap structure. It is constructed so that the more weight that is applied to it, the more it pushes against the walls to keep stable. In addition, bending is prevented by using a 34 mm thick diameter pipe. With this, a more stable impression of use is realized.


Mounting range : 170cm-280cm
Pipe diameter : 34mm
Max. load : 60kg-17kg


Mounting range : 110cm-180cm
Pipe diameter : 34mm
Max. load : 70kg-35kg


Mounting range : 75cm-110cm
Pipe diameter : 34mm
Max. load : 80kg-50kg


Pipes / Steel pipe (epoxy resin powder coating)
Resin components / ABS resin, Synthetic rubber
Screw / Steel (plated finish)
Spring / Steel (plated finish)