"Let's blossom!"
We are the first company in Japan to develop the HEIAN Rod, which increases storage space over the dead space without the use of screws or nails. For sixty years, we have been making pursuit of items with which citizens would feel convenient in the houses / apartments by adapting the changing social needs.
  • IDEA
    HEIAN SHINDO generates ideas by incorporating the opinions not only from our company’s employees but also from the general consumers or students.
    By putting the ideas into sketches or 3D, we carry out the specific study of the idea with the image of the scene where the consumers are using the items.
    In order to realize the consumer’s satisfaction for their usage, we proceed with the design work by paying close attention on the size of the product itself as well as the each parts.
    We crystallize the ideas into the prototypes or 3D models to find out some discoveries beyond the scope of assumption.
    The products only passing the final inspection becomes the finished products.
    Courteous Quality Control is the vital of our products.