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009 Lamp C Shade Kit [EU]

Supportive device to attach Lamp exclusive for Vertical Tension Rod. The height of the Shade is also adjustable. You can place this Shade anywhere you like in the room. As the bottom is free, you can place this Shade beside bed, sofa and so on.

* Indoor Use only
* For Tension Rod (Vertical Use only) only
*The items users shall prepare
(Every item shall be in conformity with the regional safety standard.)
・LED Bulb (Less than 10W)
・Socket for M10 Nipple
・Power Code (less than φ7mm)
・Power Plug

Size: W971mm (38.2inch) H232mm (9.1inch) D160mm (6.3inch)
Weight: 1100g (2.43lb)

Function: Supportive Device to attach LED Lamp equipment
Lamp Shade: Aluminum,
Pipe: Steel,
Screw: Brass, ABS, Steel Coating
Attachment: Manual Instruction


1. Please install this product to the tension rod before the tension rod itself is not installed between the ceiling and the floor. Loose the Brass Screw until the tip of the Brass Screw disappear from view inside the Sleeve Tube by checking the inside of the Sleeve Tube by eye in order not to damage the pipes at the time of inserting this product into the tension rod. Remove the Large Round Cap (on the other side of Rotary Knob) of Tension Rod and pass this product on the tension rod and fix this product slightly (to the degree that this product couldn’t drop down) by Brass Screw on the tension rod. (Please do not install this product in the wrong direction.)

2. Remove the EVA Pad on the Large Round Cap of the ceiling side and return the Large Round Cap on the tension rod.

*Please use the Large Round Cap of the tension rod.

* In case the spring is also removed at the time of removing the cap, please mount the spring back into the Cross Shape Portion inside the pipe before attaching the cap.

3. Decide the position to install the tension rod and fix the EVA Pat (removed from the tension rod) on the ceiling by Staplers or Screws.
*In case this work is conducted by standing on the tables or chairs, it might be the cause of the over-turning to the physical damages. Please use the stepladder which has enough strength and height.

Set up on Gypsum Plaster Board

Please prepare the stapler which opens by more than 180 degree.(The stapler which is not open by more than 180 degree cannot be used.) 
*In case the accompanying needles become short, please prepare the needles of size 10. 
(Recommendable material is Stainless)

Open the stapler by 180 degree and staple the needles to the concave portion one by one while supporting the EVA Pads to the ceiling firmly. Please set the stapler horizontally to the ceiling to staple the needles vertically to the contact surfaces. Please staple the needles firmly.

Set up on Plywood Board

Prepare #2 cross slot screw driver.

Fix the EVA Pads by the attached Screws while keeping the EVA pads to touch the ceiling
*In case of screwing up too much, the holes on the ceiling become big to the cause of idling. Please tight up the screws to the extent that the screws head does not float.

4. Install the Tension Rod by following the manual instruction. Set firmly the Large Round Caps into the fixed EVA Pads on the ceiling by rotating the Large Round Cap. Operating by 2 persons make it easier to install this product.
Please make sure that the Large Round Cap is firmly set into the EVA Pad.

5. Make sure that the tension Rod is firmly installed. Then loose the Bras Screw on the Sleeve of this product and adjust the height of this product and tighten up the Brass Screw again. Please do not let the Power Code loosen by fixing the Power Code on the Tension Rod by the attached Code Belt.

* Slack of the Power Code could cause the accident.