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005 Shelf B / Black

Shelf for Tension Rod A or Tension Rod B. This shelf can be attached under the tension rod. It is very easy to install just by hanging on the tension rod. The steal is mat finished to create the distinct texture.

* Indoor Use only
* For Tension Rod A or Tension Rod B only (Horizontal use only)
* Cross slot screwdriver is required to assemble this product.
*As natural wood is used, there are individual difference about the wood grain, knot, color and luster and so on.

005 Shelf B / Black

Size: W400mm (15.75 inch) H272mm (10.7 inch) D262mm(10.32 inch)
Weight: 1000g (2.2 lb)
Max. Withstand Weight 1kg / 2.2 lb
Shelf Board: Plywood, Urethane Coating
Clasp: Steel / Epoxy Powder Coating
Resin Portion: EVA
Screw: Steel / Thin Coating
Attachment: Manual Instruction


【Assembling Method】

1.Position screw holes of Shelf Support Fittings with the Prepared Holes of the Shelf Board. Tighten the screws with the cross slot screwdriver horizontally. (8 screws). *Tightening beyond necessity is a cause of idling of the screw.

2.Please check that the screws of the Shelf Support Fitting is not loose.


【Installation Method】

1.Please check that the edges of the Large Round Caps touch the Back Wall. In case the edges of the Large Round Caps do not touch the Back Wall, this product cannot be used. *This product cannot be attached to the Tension Rod with Small Round Caps.

2.Hang the Shelf Support Fitting’s hooks on Tension Rod. *Please do not hang the Shelf Support Fitting’s hooks by crossing large pipe and small pipe.

Please check that Cushion Rubbers touch the Back Wall. Regularly, please check that the Shelf Board is horizontally installed.