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003 Tension Rod C / Black

Vertical tension rod whose height is adjustable from 200 to 275 cm (from 79 to 108 inch). With table or hook attached, you could use this tension rod at a variety of life scenes. The tension rod can be placed without making damage on the walls and easy to relocate so that you can use this tension rod flexibly. The tension rod can be fixed by the simple-designed screw lock method. Black color with mat finished texture feeling.

*Indoor Use only
*Please check the installation width.
*The steal is mat finished to create the distinct texture. when pointed tip touch the steal, the surface could be damaged.

003 Tension Rod C (Vertical) Black 200~275cm

Size:W2000~2750mm (79~108 inch), H70mm (2.76inch), D 70mm (2.76 inch)
Weight : 1100g (2.43 lb)
Installation Length: 200 ~ 275 cm / 79 ~ 108 inch
Max. Withstand Weight: 10kg / 22 lb

Pole: Steel / Epoxy Powder Coating
Resin Portion: ABS / EVA
Screw: Brass / Steel / ABS

Attachment: Manual Instruction


1.Turn the Rotary Knob to the direction of “LOCK” to check whether the Rotary Knob can work and then turn the Rotary Knob back to the direction of “FREE” until the edge of the Rotary Knob is on the position of “START” line. *In case the Rotary Knob is turned back too much over the “START” line, it would be the cause of the damage of this product. In case of reinstallation of this product, please make sure to turn the Rotary Knob back to the “START” line.

2.Insert the Middle Rod into the Upper Rod.

3.Loosen the Brass Screw and insert it into the Lower Rod.


4.Entwist the Brass Screw as a tentative fix of the Lower Rod to the extent that the Lower Rod couldn’t slip down.

5-1.Check the state / strength of the contact surfaces of ceiling / floor.

5-2.et up the tentatively assembled products vertically and loosen the Brass Screw once. (Please take care that the Lower Rod does not slip down.) Draw the Lower Rod to full distance between the contact surfaces to the extent that both of the end caps could touch the ceiling and floor each.

5-3.Tighten the Brass Screw into the pipes tightly so that the length can be fixed by the penetration into the Lower Rod. (In case the tightening is not enough, it would be cause of the turnover.)

5-4.While taking care of keeping the tension rods vertically, turn the Rotary Knob to the direction of “LOCK” as tentative fix by the tension force to the extent that the rod does not turn over. Please get the rod upright at this stage.

5-5.Turn the Rotary Knob to the direction of “LOCK” by checking the state of the contact surfaces until the rotation of the Rotary Knob could be firm so that this product could be fixed by the tension force. Please check that this product is firmly fixed by pulling the rod.


Please turn the Rotary Knob by checking the state of the contact surfaces not to be damaged.

* As for the product specification, the recommendable condition, installation method or other notices, please check the manual instruction or check the manual by downloading from this page's link.