In 1952, HEIAN SHINDO was founded by Tatsuji Sasai in Osaka.
HEIAN SHINDO manufactured the very-first aluminum sash in Japan by utilizing metallic processing technology. After the World War II, many Japanese people lost their houses so that numerous safe residential houses needed to be supplied. The aluminum sash business was largely developed under the circumstances.
We grew up to be one of the leading aluminum sash manufacturers in Japan, with more than 2,000 employees and 4 affiliated companies at our peak.
In 1975, we sold the aluminum business to other company along with the end of the postwar years of recovery and launched the planning and developing business of daily necessities targeting people living in newly urbanized areas.
Yasuo Sasai, the second son of the founder, developed HEIAN Rod with inspiration from the tension rod he found during his visit in US.
HEIAN Rod, as an effective item to utilize a dead space for more storage spaces even in a small house or apartment without using nails or screws, became a big hit in Japan.
Afterward, we developed more storage items after another based on HEIAN Rod technology and HEIAN Rod, originally from US, raised it to one of Japanese culture of everyday life.
In 1995, HEIAN Rod technology led to a newly developed product, Earthquake Resistance Pole, which prevents furniture from falling over by an earthquake. Earthquake Resistance Pole also became a big hit whose annual sales reached to more than 300,000 sets. and was widely covered by the media.
In 2015, our company was succeeded to the founder’s granddaughter and his grandson-in-law. Taking a hint from Earthquake Resistance Pole, HEIAN SHINDO developed a product named “LABRICO” which enables to make shelves or partitions with standard wood material requiring no nails or screws, and received the “Good Design Award” which is given only to excellently designed products in Japan. The next year, a new interior series "DRAW A LINE" with HEIAN Rod technology was released at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, and it was awarded as "Best Buyer's Choice"at the exhibition.
Now, with 50 employees, in this industry for more than 60 years, HEIAN SHINDO has striven for product development to improve the lifestyle of people in the world with the philosophy of “Let's blossom”.
Established in Osaka as the first company to mass-produce aluminium sashes in Japan.
Sold off aluminum sash operations.Converted into a manufacturer of consumer goods. Released the HEIAN Rod.
Awarded the Excellent Inventions Award at the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions’ Idea Products Fair.
Built Gifu Warehouse.
Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th class, Gold and Silver Rays.
Founder Tatsuji Sasai received Medal of Honor, Dark Blue Ribbon.
Released a series of HEIAN Rods for disaster prevention.
Yasuo Sasai was inaugurated as the company’s President.
Contracted a manufacturing alliance with a Thai manufacturer.
Established Hong Kong Heian Co., Ltd.
Contracted a manufacturing alliance with Chinese manufacturers.
Inaugurations: Kayoko Takeuchi as President, Kazuhiro Takeuchi as COO.
Released a series of LABRICO.
Released a series of DRAW A LINE.
Started to sell our products in Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.
Started to sell our products in Singapore and Europe.
Started to sell our products in Hong Kong and Canada.