Ingenuity for the
better life.


You want to store and organize clothes and other everyday goods in a smarter way. Make efficient use of dead spaces in your home! By just adding a HEIAN Rod, you can store away various items in accordance with your lifestyle. In the next urban lifestyle, you’ll be able to freely increase storage space at any time and live comfortably with your own storage and organization ideas.

Allow us to introduce application ideas
and how to use HEIAN products with these movies.

It fits perfectly
in any space by
expanding and

Now there is no need to think about how to adjust any space for storage. The HEIAN Rod matches the storage you desire, and you can expand and contract it as you please. For the closet, the kitchen, or that little dead space in your room. The rod fits perfectly in a variety of spaces in your home by adjusting to it. We provide an abundant lineup, making storage possible at any size. No need for any tools – create the storage quickly and easily by yourself!

Create infinite storage ideas through ingenuity:
as long as there are walls
or pillars with flat surfaces
– there are storage spaces.

A HEIAN Rod instantly creates storage upon installation. The time has come for you not adjusting to create storage, but for storage to adjust to your lifestyle. Furthermore, with ingenuity, storage ideas are as plentiful as the stars. For example, it can be used as a shelf to place accessories, or not even only as storage – it can be used for partitions or hiding storage spaces. As your ideas unfold, so do the uses!

It can be installed
stably and bears a
heavy load.

The secret of the HEIAN Rod being able to create storage in such a variety of spaces is that as it expands and contracts, you can adjust its length, but there is also another. That is the one which enables it to carry such a heavy load: the HEIAN mechanism. Expand the rod by rotating the grip so it fits stably to the wall. Furthermore, with the unique mechanism of the end caps, an even more powerful and stable storage space is realized.