Draw a Line | Tension Rod C | 78.8 to 108.3 in | Vertical Mounting | Black

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This is a Tension Rod for vertical installation of the Draw a Line series.
Hang your backpack with the Hook, or put your purse and keys on the Tray. Freely change the use of the rod by combining it with other vertical accessories.

*Mountable ceiling height: 78.8 to 108.3 in.
*For vertical installation only.


Model No. D-3-BK
Necessary installable measurements Width 2.8 in
Depth 2.8 in
Height 78.8 - 108.3 in
Load capacity
*reference values
Up to 22lbs
Pipe diameter 1 in / 0.9 in
Grip diameter 1.4 in

Material Indication
Pole…Steel (Epoxy Resin Coating)
Resin parts…ABS Resin, EVA Resin
Screws…Brass, Steel, ABS Resin

Set Up Anywhere Without Damaging the Walls

The tension mechanism provides a convenient solution for utilizing space without drilling holes. Its ease of removal also allows for flexible placement options, enabling you to change its location as desired or easily take it with you during a move.
*Mountable ceiling height: 78.8 to 108.3 in.

Matte Finish Rod with Brass Screw

The rod is power coated to enhance the texture, and the brass screw ages beautifully with use.

Customize with Accessories

Use the add-on to customize the tension rod for use in any space—create a desk, cloakroom, or other design feature to fit your own unique lifestyle.

Select From Two Colors

Available in a chic and luxurious black or clean and natural-looking white to suit any location. The lineup can be easily matched to any scene or interior theme.

Location for installation

Install on a solid base with a concrete or horizontal stud.
*Do not install on sloped ceiling or floor surfaces, on tatami mats or carpets, or on Japanese-style ceilings.

・This product is only for indoor use. Please do not use this product outside.
・As this product can be installed by strong tension force between ceiling and floor without nails or screws, please install this product on surfaces with a firm base.
・Please do not install this product on the Japanese Style room’s ceiling as the ceiling is fragile and easily damaged.
・Please do not install this products on inclined surfaces. If even one of them is inclined, it could cause it to topple over.
・Do not install near fire or heat sources.
・Do not use the product in direct sunlight, in places with high temperatures, or in humid places such as bathrooms.

Product appearance

Enjoy the charm and appearance of the materials as they change and age. Brass parts are not plated but left in their original state, so the color will change over time. Steel rods are coated with a matte finish to give it a unique texture. During installation, a hole will be made in the pipe by the screw.

Precautions for installation

  • To ensure safe and proper use of the product, read the instruction manual before use.
  • Assembly and installation can be done more easily by two persons.
  • Please assemble this product on the adequate space. You can lay down a cloth or carpet on the floor during assembling to prevent the floor from being scratched.
  • Do not touch the pipe ends directly. Doing so may cause injury. (Wear gloves when working on the product.)
  • Do not disassemble or modify the product as it is dangerous.
  • Please install this product within the indicated length range.
  • As this product is installed using tension force, tighten the screws firmly. Weakly tightened screws may cause the main unit to fall over.
  • There are small components. Please do not let children near the assembly space. Check for any leftover parts after the installation.
  • Pulling or strongly shaking the support pole may cause it to fall over or break, which is dangerous. Do not climb up or hang from this product. Be especially careful with children.
  • Do not place or hang dangerous items, combustion equipment, valuables, or items that may be damaged on or around the product in case of emergency.
  • Use the product within the range of the indicated load capacity. Load capacity is an experimental value, not a guaranteed value.
  • Do not apply sudden loads.
  • Please check the tension force a couple days after installation and adjust the tension accordingly by tightening the Rotary Knobb. Also, check periodically (about twice a month) and retighten the screws, etc., as they may loosen during use and begin to wobble.
  • Please note that the surface coating may be damaged by use.
  • Resin parts are subject to deterioration due to oil adhesion and ultraviolet rays.
  • Please inspect the product periodically for deformation, damage, cracks, etc. during use. If any abnormality is found, discontinue use immediately.
  • Wipe off stains with a neutral detergent diluted in water, wipe off any detergent residue, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Polishing with a scrubber or polishing powder will scratch the surface.
  • Deodorizers, air fresheners, cosmetics, hairdressing products, acid detergents, alkaline detergents, grease, and organic solvents (benzine, thinner, etc.) may cause deterioration of the product. Remove them immediately.
  • We will not compensate for malfunctions, damages, or accidents caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, modification, age-related deterioration, or use that deviates from the product's original intended purpose.