Find Your Color!

I want a splash of green by the window.
I want to line the walls with comic books.
I want to create an original rack to hold my fishing tackle.
I want my space to look cool.
I want to be surrounded by nature.

Labrico would like to help you color your home in your own personal taste.
Find your color.

What is Labrico?

Labrico can fulfill your needs and change your life by creating spaces unique to you. Find the color that matches your personality with this revolutionary product.

The columns are supported through tension and do not significantly damage walls and floors, making it easy to change layouts whenever you feel like it. Allow us to brighten up and simplify your life, whether you are a DIY beginner or an experienced DIY-er.

Features of Labrico

Simply Pop it Onto Either Side of a 2x4 Piece of Wood

Simply set the Labrico onto either end of a 2x4 cut to the length you need. Stand it vertically and set it up by propping it between the ceiling and the floor. Freely design the columns by putting up one column and using it as a clock stand, or by putting up multiple columns and passing shelves between them to create storage shelves and displays.

Secure, Tool-Free Installation

No special tools are required for installation. With the strong jack-type fixation, the wood can be firmly secured simply by turning the jack. In addition, the strong tension spring is highly elastic and can be used safely for a long period of time.

No Holes In Your Walls & Can be Removed at Any Time

Labrico's strength lies in the tension built between the floor and the ceiling, so you can easily change the layout of any room without worrying about putting holes in the walls.

Coordinated Colors and Designs

We offer adjusters for columns and accessory parts such as shelf supports with matching designs and colors. By using the matching Labrico parts, you can create a unified, consistent design.

How to Install

Since the installation method differs for each adjuster product, please refer to the instruction manual on each product page for proper installation.

Labrico Adjuster 2x4


Where Did "Labrico" Come From?

"Labrico" is coined from the combination of the English word "laboratory" and the French "bricolage," meaning to gather and make by oneself. Through this name, we want to express a passion for DIY that turns your home into one big laboratory of inspiration and possibilities. Try it and see what we're talking about!

Product Lineup


Adjuster 2x4

This is a DIY part to build a column between the ceiling and floor by attaching an adjuster to a 2x4 piece of lumber and using tension to hold it up. It's designed and engineered by the same pioneers and manufacturers of tension rods.


Shelf Support

Designed to create a unified appearance with adjusters. Clearly designed shelf supports with no screws visible from the front.
After the columns are installed, you can place the shelves wherever you like.

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