Where can I purchase Heian Shindo products?

You can buy our products on the Official Amazon US page.

Can I purchase products directly from the Heian Shindo website?

Unfortunately, direct purchases are not available on this website. Please visit our Official US Amazon website to purchase any products.

In which countries do you sell your products?

We sell our products in the U.S.A. through Amazon US. If you wish to purchase our products in Japan, please visit Heian Shindo's Japanese online store.

Some products are also available in Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. Please contact us directly for details.

Returns & Exchanges

What should I do if the product I received is damaged, defective, or missing?

Since our products are sold using the Amazon website, please contact Amazon if you experience any problems. If you made a purchase from one of our brick-and-mortar shops, please contact the store where you made the purchase. Please contact the store where you purchased the product directly.

Installation & Uses

Are there any instructions for installation?

Please visit the product pages for instructions on how to install each product.

What makes Heian Shindo's tension rods so strong and durable?

Please see the following page for details: pages/h-label#durable

Can I use Heian Shindo products as handrails or guards?

No. Do not use our product to protect an individual or their property such as for use as a handrail or guard or for any purpose other than the intended use described in the instruction manuals. Doing so could result in the tension rod falling, leading to injury and/or material damage.

Can the product be used as a shower curtain?

No. Our products are not designed for use in bathrooms, very humid areas, or places where they can get wet, so they should not be used as shower curtains. Please use our products in accordance with their respective instruction manuals.

Can the product be used outdoors?

No. Our products are for indoor use only. Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sun, high humidity, contact with water, outdoors, or in showers.

Can I use Labrico to set up a pull-up bar, swing, or bouldering wall?

No. The product is not designed to hold human weight or for use under instantaneous pressure. Please do not use Labrico products in applications where instantaneous loads are applied or as equipment for children's playgrounds, as it could lead to injury. Do not use the adjusters or other Labrico products for installation on swings, bouldering walls, pull-up bars, or other indoor playground equipment or fitness applications, as it is highly dangerous. Always use the product in accordance with the product-specific instruction manual.

Can Labrico be installed upside down?

No, it cannot. Please do not use the adjusters upside down as it is dangerous. If the adjusters are used downwards, the wood will not be supported and will break, causing the structure to fall over. Be sure to use the adjuster in accordance with its instruction manual.

Can I use a tension rod between two columns set up with Labrico adjusters?

No, it cannot. The tension rod should always be installed between two strong walls. Since Labrico is not a wall, a column set up with Labrico adjusters is not strong enough and cannot be used with a tension rod.

Can I use Labrico and Draw a Line on carpets and Japanese tatami mats?

Please use Labrico and Draw a Line products only on hard surfaces. Since tension rods rely on strong pressure between the ceiling and floor, they should always be installed in a location with a hard, solid floor. Soft surfaces like carpets and Japanese tatami mats have a lot of give and will sink and slip under pressure from the tension— potentially causing the tension rod to fall over. Please do not use tension rods on carpet or tatami mats.

Can Draw a Line be installed upside down?

No. Please do not install the product in any manner other than that described in the instruction manual, as it is dangerous and may result in the tension rod and its load falling over. Please be sure to use the product in accordance with the instruction manual for each product.

Is it designed not to damage the wall?

The surface in contact with the wall is padded with a soft material (EVA resin) to prevent direct damage to the wall, and tension rods as a whole eliminate the need to put holes in your wall with nails or screws. However, since the product uses tension to be fixed to the wall, that pressure may leave dents depending on the material of the wallpaper.

Is the product manufactured in Japan?

This product is not made in Japan. It is designed and developed in Japan and manufactured in China.

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Is the product manufactured in Japan?

This product is not made in Japan. It is designed and developed in Japan and manufactured in China.

Where should I go for wholesale inquiries?

Please contact us through our Wholesale Page for more details and instructions.

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