About Us

At Heian Shindo, we are passionate about helping you create the home of your dreams through innovative home storage products.

From 1952, we have continued developing products that meet the changing spatial needs of modern homes and apartments for customers in Japan and abroad. We were the first in Japan to develop Heian Tension Rods, which provide storage space in dead spaces without using screws or nails.

In addition, we have been developing new products such as Labrico, a safe and easy DIY brand, and Draw a Line, which can change your life with a single perpendicular line.

Let us help you make room for your own unique lifestyle.

The Birth of Heian Tension Rods

When Japan's economy was growing faster than ever, people were moving to cities like Tokyo and Osaka in droves. But as people moved into smaller and smaller apartments, they needed a way to store their belongings without cluttering up their spaces.

That's where Heian Shindo came in. In 1975, we developed and launched our first generation of Heian Tension Rods—and they became an instant hit among urbanites who were looking for a way to create storage space without using screws or nails.

Since then, we've developed and launched various types of Heian Tension Rods and Shelves to meet the demands of our customers and their changing lifestyles.

Company History

1952 Established in Osaka as the first company to mass-produce aluminum sashes in Japan.
1975 Sold off aluminum sash operations. Converted into a manufacturer of consumer goods.
Released the first generation of Heian Tension Rod.
1976 Awarded the Excellent Inventions Award at the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions’ Idea Products Fair.
1989 Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th class, Gold and Silver Rays.
1990 Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Medal of Honor, Dark Blue Ribbon.
1995 Released a series of earthquake resistant Heian Tension Rods for furnitures.
1996 Yasuo Sasai was inaugurated as the company’s President.
2003 Established Hong Kong Heian Co., Ltd.
2015.1 Inaugurations: Kayoko Takeuchi as President, Kazuhiro Takeuchi as COO.
2016 Released a series of Labrico.
2017 Released a series of Draw a Line.
Began selling products in Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
2018 Began selling products in Singapore and Europe.
2019 Began selling products in Hong Kong.
2020 Began selling products in China.

Message from the CEO

Heian Shindo Kogyo Co., Ltd. started out in 1952 in Juso, Osaka City, as a town factory processing copper. My grandfather imported aluminum sash manufacturing technology and machine tools from the U.S. ahead of other companies in the wake of the post-war housing shortage. He popularized aluminum sashes throughout Japan as an alternative to wooden sashes that were handmade on site.

In the 1970s, as the housing supply began to slow down, the next challenge was to improve the urban population density and cramped living environments. My father, the second generation, proposed the use of tension rods, which had been used in the U.S. to hang shower curtains, as a means to create storage without harming the walls. This created a new popular lifestyle in Japan.

In 2010, I joined the family business and realized that the products we offer are very unique, special, and undeniably Japanese.

The tension rod we make is not for shower curtains. There are various types of products to suit different purposes and tastes, such as rod types, shelf types, and types that combine wood, in a range of sizes (10cm to 3m). Tension rods are an indispensable part of Japanese home life, and are a standard item found at any home improvement center.

Japan is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. The total floor space per dwelling unit in Japan is two-thirds that of the US. With this unique housing situation, the Japanese market has seen a unique evolution since the American tension rod was first introduced.

In 2017, we began to sell our products and disseminate information overseas in order to make the unique Japanese evolution of the tension rod into a global culture. People can maximize their storage space so that clutter never gets in the way of their ideal lifestyle.

It is said that with economic development, the number of people living in urban areas increases on a global scale. Japan has pioneered the experience of how to enrich and maximize urban living space.

Our goal is to enable people to live comfortably with all their things, in their own space, regardless of size.

Company Info

4F, 1-22-17 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0002 Japan.
Established in 1952.