Make Space

I need more storage in my closet.
I want an easy way to divide my room.
I need storage for kids' clothes.
I want space to hang more clothes.

By using Heian Shindo products to change the function and dynamics of your space, your storage problems simply disappear, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

What is a Heian Shindo tension rod?

Create shelves, poles, and storage space wherever you need it, at any height, with the power of tension rods.

Heian Tension Rods have been a hit since their creation in 1975—allowing you to utilize dead space for storage and maximize small living spaces without damaging the walls. Since then, we have developed other convenient storage items based on tension rod technology. Now, they are must-have items in many Japanese households.

Create usable storage space, divide a room, or add a splash of color. They're easily installed and easily removed. These products will adapt to your individual lifestyle.

Features of Heian Shindo's Tension Rods

This innovative solution not only maximizes storage in dead spaces, but it also serves as a room divider and decorative element. It is a versatile addition to any space.
No Screws, Nails, or Tools Necessary for Installation
No Need to Drill Holes in the Wall. No Damage on Walls, Ceilings or Floors
Easy to Install / Uninstall
Load Capacity Suitable to Store a Wide Range of Items Up to 176.3 lbs
Length Extends to a Maximum of 110.3 in, Meaning Better Storage for Larger Spaces
Shelves Are Also Available for a Wider Range of Uses

Why are Heian Shindo's Jack Screw Tension Rods Strong Enough to Be Used for Storage?

Jack screw mechanism specialized for storage

Spring-loaded tension rods are commonly used for shower curtains, which use the force of the spring to prop against the wall. While spring-loaded tension rods are easy to install and remove, they often have a low load-bearing capacity.

Heian Shindo's storage rods, on the other hand, have a jack screw mechanism. The ends firmly grip onto the wall when you turn the grip. In addition, the thicker pipes prevent deflection even when heavy objects are hung on them. These are designed specifically for storage. Both rod and shelf types are available for a wide range of storage applications.

The Heavier the Load, the Stronger the Grip

Strong Grip with Hinge Effect

The more load is applied to the tension rod, the stronger the force with which the tension rod presses against the wall. This is why Heian Shindo's tension rods are strong enough to hold heavier loads.

Strong Spring Prevents Slipping

The reinforced load-bearing models (NGP/OGP/HGP) have a strong spring built in that prevents the bar from shifting and falling.

Unique High-Tension Cam Mechanism Built In

The HGP series, the most powerful model among the load-bearing reinforced models of tension rods, uses Heian Shindo's original high tension cam mechanism instead of a hinge. The more weight that is applied to the tension rod, the stronger the grip between the cap and the wall becomes.

How to Install

Since the installation method differs for each product, please refer to the instruction manual on each product page for proper installation.

Jack Screw Tension Rods

Product lineup

With a wide variety of load capacities and lengths to choose from, there are endless ways to utilize them! Select the one that best suits your needs.

Tension Rods: Jack Screw-type

Jack Screw Storage Rods

Standard Model
More solid load capacity than spring type.
Great for hanging clothes, etc.

Reinforced Load Capacity Model
Stronger load-bearing capacity than the standard model.
Rods with a maximum load capacity of 176.3lbs are also available.
Use it to store large volumes of clothes in a closet or for room divider curtains.

Tension Shelves

Tension Storage Shelves. Easily add shelving wherever you need it.

Standard Model
Add shelves in small spaces such as in a cupboard or at the bottom of a closet.

Reinforced Load Capacity Model
This reinforced load-bearing model has a higher load capacity than the standard model.
Can bear heavy loads while being mounted securely on the wall.
Increase storage space in hard-to-place areas.

Reinforced Load Capacity (Deep) Model
This is a deep version of the reinforced load-bearing model.
The depth of part of shelf is approx. 12 in—the deep shelves maximize your storage capacity.

Hanger Racks

Use this to install shelves and hanger pipes anywhere you like. Because it sticks vertically to the ceiling and floor, it can be installed easily wherever you want storage—no walls, no tools required.


These accessories fit conveniently with the jack-type rod, such as curtain rings.

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