1952 Established in Osaka as the first company to mass-produce aluminum sashes in Japan.
1975 Sold off aluminum sash operations. Converted into a manufacturer of consumer goods.
Released the first generation of Heian Tension Rod.
1976 Awarded the Excellent Inventions Award at the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions’ Idea Products Fair.
1989 Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th class, Gold and Silver Rays.
1990 Founder Tatsuji Sasai received the Medal of Honor, Dark Blue Ribbon.
1995 Released a series of earthquake resistant Heian Tension Rods for furnitures.
1996 Yasuo Sasai was inaugurated as the company’s President.
2003 Established Hong Kong Heian Co., Ltd.
2015.1 Inaugurations: Kayoko Takeuchi as President, Kazuhiro Takeuchi as COO.
2016 Released a series of Labrico.
2017 Released a series of Draw a Line.
Began selling products in Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
2018 Began selling products in Singapore and Europe.
2019 Began selling products in Hong Kong.
2020 Began selling products in China.