Revitalize Your Lifestyle with a Simple Line.

By drawing a single line in the room, you can transform a simple space into a haven just for you. With a single line arises infinite possibilities.

Draw a Line and begin a new, richer way of life.

What is Draw a Line?

Draw a Line is a collaboration between Heian Shindo, Japan's leading manufacturer of tension rods, and the creative duo TENT.

The brand redefines the Japanese traditional tension rod as a convenient storage item, and proposes a new lifestyle that begins with a tension rod as the "line" that enriches people's lives through the creative utilization of space.


Features of Draw a Line

Free up your life.

It saves space, can be set up even in narrow or confined spaces, and is easy to move around. Mix and match accessories to create three-dimensional storage spaces, making your room tidier.

Draw a Line that's just right for you

You can choose from a wide variety of accessories to place your favorite items at your desired height. Place them at any angle or position for the 3D look that's just right for you!

No Tools No Damage

No tools are required for installation. The tension rod eliminates the need to drill holes on the ceilings or floors and makes it easy to change the layout whenever you need to.

Select From Two Colors

Available in black for a chic and luxurious look and white for a clean, natural look that fits any interior.

Matte Finish Rod with Brass Screw

The rod is power coated to enhance the texture, and the brass screw ages beautifully with use.

Customize with Accessories

Use the add-on to customize the tension rod for use in any space—create a desk, cloakroom, or other design feature to fit your own unique lifestyle.

How to Install

Since the installation method differs for each product, please refer to the instruction manual on each product page for proper installation.

The Vertical Tension Rod

Tension Rod C

Product Lineup

Tension Rods

Tension Rod C

Tension Rod C is designed for vertical installation. By combining it with vertical rod accessories, it can be used in a variety of applications to suit your needs.

(for vertical installation only)


Place It

Adjustable to any height, this accessory can be used as a table or tray for placing small items.

Hang It

From hooks and more, these accessories can be hung. Hooks are available in long and short sizes, for a variety of applications.

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