When you first walked into your new itty bitty apartment or college dormitory at the start of the new school year, your thought process might have been something like this: “Uh, where do I put all my stuff?” In a room that seems like it can barely fit your bed and desk, let alone you, how are you supposed to fit all the clothes, school supplies, and gear you need to get through the semester?


As great as it would be to live in a dorm that’s bigger on the inside, here we’re going to share some tips for making the most of the space you have. If you are about to move or live in a dorm room or a tiny city apartment, this is a must-read!

 Using Tension Rods for Storage

When living in a college dormitory, room space is limited (especially with roommates!). You might want to maximize your space by storing away seasonal items in the closet (ie: summer vs. winter clothing), but closets are tiny, too. This is where tension rods come in handy.

For many people, shower curtains come to mind when they think of tension rods. In Japan, however, specialized tension rods are increasingly being used in addition to closets to create attractive storage spaces. 

For maximum storage, you need a tension rod with a high storage weight capacity. When winter comes around and it’s time to don those heavy coats and sweaters, you’re going to need something strong enough to hang them up. Low-capacity tension rods just won’t cut it.

Try These Tension Rods on for Size!

However, if you combine Heian Shindo’s HGP (Extra Strong Reinforced) or RTW (Standard) tension rods, the closet can become a fortress for clothing. You can store more clothes than you ever used to in your closet.  Also, depending on the height of the ceiling, you can hang long and short clothes separately by arranging two rows of poles above and below each other. This is perfect if you have a lot of stuff.

So, how do you choose the right kind of tension rod for your apartment or dormitory? First, let's look at four things to consider when choosing a tension rod for storage.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tension Rod

1. Check the strength of the walls

First of all, it is essential to know the strength of the wall in the room. The load capacity of the tension rod is essential, but if the wall is hollow or weak, it could cause an accident. It's better to install the tension rods on a surface that is strong enough to withstand their pressure, such as walls reinforced with studs or crosshairs, rather than on wardrobes or veneer boards.


2. Make Sure the Length Matches Your Space

Tension rods come in a variety of lengths. Make sure you measure your space (horizontally from wall to wall) so you can choose the rod that best fits your space.


3. Check the Weight Capacity

It is vital to check the weight of the items you want to hang. There is a big difference between summer and winter clothing. A leather jacket can weigh 4-7 lbs, a wool coat 2-4.5 lbs, and a fur coat weighs 6.6-17.6 lbs. You should choose a tension rod by checking the total weight of your garments against the weight capacity of the tension rod.


4. Choose a tension rod according to your application.

Japanese tension rods are available for a variety of applications.

Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Get Started

First, use the HGP Extra Strong Reinforced Tension Rod to create some storage space! HGP is made with Heian Shindo's unique high-tension cam mechanism, so the more clothes you hang from the tension rod, the stronger and more stable it becomes. 

Don’t bother with the thinner rods that will only fall down and break. Give yourself some peace of mind by going with something that will last (and comes with you when you move!).


Make a storage unit with the RTW Standard Tension Rods for drying your lightweight or delicate clothing. This is the perfect place to hang items you don’t want to put in the dryer.

You can also create a place in your closet to store bags using minimal space.


More Storage Space Means More Room for You

It’s exciting to think of the ways you can use tension rods to create more space for all your stuff. You don’t have to send anything back home! With a little bit of creativity and the right tension rod from Heian Shindo, your tiny little dorm (or tiny apartment) can feel like home in no time. And more room for your things means more room for you.


About Heian Shindo

Heian Shindo is the top seller in the Japanese market for tension rods. The company also plans and develops household sundries for storage, such as tension rods, including the DIY parts series Labrico and the interior design series called Draw a Line.

November 09, 2022