November has come and gone, the move-in shuffle has settled down, and some of you may have already settled into a normal routine. While open space apartments makes spending time with friends, family, and roommates a lot easier, at some point you’re going to want some time alone… by yourself… in another room. Or at least break up the space.

Create spaces to spend time with family and friends, and also private time alone

But how do you build a more private space without breaking the bank (or putting holes in the wall)? Here are two ways to do it that will make your life a lot easier. 

 1. Create a Makeshift Wall

Create a temporary wall with tension rods and curtains

Shut Out Distractions

Open spaces can bring a lot of distractions. When you need to concentrate on your homework, work, or simply watch a movie by yourself and relax, you need a room divider. That’s where Heian Shindo’s HGP Tension Rods come in handy. The HGP series has a very high weight capacity (up to 176.3lbs) and can hold up heavy curtains when you use the curtain ring accessories. It’s an easy and completely adjustable way to create a private space where you can completely immerse yourself in your own world.

Use tension rods to create a private space for studying

Highly Versatile

Also, because it uses tension rods, it is effortless to install and remove. Use it only when you need time to yourself, or simply open and close the curtains. When friends come over, you can take it down to make the room look bigger!

2. Break Up the Space Without Closing it Off

Labrico can change the feel of the room without completely closing it off

Good for Keeping an Eye on Your Kids

If you have small children, you want to be able to keep your eyes on them on all times, even when you divide the room. This is where Labrico comes in handy.

With Labrico, you can create a simple partition by attaching shelves and hanging planters or dried flowers. You get to break up the room while keeping your view unobstructed, so your child is always in sight.

Parents watch kids play on the floor

Of course, if you want to divide the room, you can easily attach backboards!

Labrico Requires No Special Tools

No special tools are required for installation. Simply pop it on to either end of a piece of 2x4 wood to create a column between the ceiling and floor. Turn the strong jack-type fixation on the Labrico 2x4 adjuster to the tension and secure the wood firmly in place. The strong tension spring to prevent being loosened is highly elastic and can be used safely for a long time. Tension will hold it up!

Labrico is designed and engineered by the same pioneers and manufacturers of the Heian Tension Rods.

Both Labrico and tension rods have a strong Jack screw mechanism that is highly elastic and can be used for a long time.

Keep Important Items Within Easy Reach

Attach corkboard to the Labrico shelves to create a space for hanging family photos and calendars, hang a vacuum cleaner or a your day bag. Not only can you create a partition, you can keep all the things you use most well within reach.


Again, it can be installed without putting holes in the ceiling, floor, or walls, and is easily removed. If you know your living situation is temporary, tension rods or Labrico are a must-have!


Partition, display, and keep daily necessities within reach with Labrico.

Divide Your Space the Way You Want with Heian Shindo

In this article, we have shown you how to use a partition using HGP tension rods, 2x4 lumber and Labrico. If you want to create a temporary wall and immerse yourself in your world completely, we recommend using the HGP tension rods. If you want to break up the space without obstructing your view, or even add shelving to the mix, Labrico is the tool for you. Both are easily removable and readily available!


About Heian Shindo
Heian Shindo is the top seller in the Japanese market for tension rods. The company also plans and develops household sundries for storage, such as tension rods, including the DIY parts series Labrico and the interior design series called Draw a Line.

December 22, 2022