DIY shelving without drilling holes in the wall? Yes, please. If you're a DIY lover, you know how hard it can be to find options that are easy to use and won't break the bank.

Labrico is designed to make your life easier, so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about what you need.

It's easy to install, with no drilling in the wall required, making it the perfect option for beginners, too. Create the awesome set of shelves you’re dying to have!


What is Labrico?

Labrico is a brand of safe and easy DIY products that make it possible for everyone from beginners to experienced veterans to enjoy DIY projects. We know there are a lot of random DIY gadgets on the market, but with Labrico, the functions are endless—the shelves you build can be used not only for storage but decoration as well. You can place small planters, build your own shelves, or display art.


3 Advantages Labrico Has Over its Competitors

There are three main advantages to using Labrico.

No Holes in the Walls

Labrico is perfect for renters because it uses a tension mechanism to secure the wood in place. It's easy to remove when you move out and doesn't leave any holes in the walls or floor when it's gone. No screws, no nails, no worries!

Highly Customizable

Another feature of Labrico is that you can install shelves at any height you want. 
You can build whatever shape or size shelf you want with as many panels as you need.

Installation is Intuitive and Simple: Perfect for Beginners

DIY beginners will love that they don’t need any special tools or know-how to build these shelves. They're also easy to move around when you need them somewhere else; just take them off the wall and put them somewhere else!


Mix and Match Accessories for the Perfect Combo

Why go through the stress of shopping around for matching parts accessories? While they are sold separately, the Labrico brand has complete sets of parts and coordinating accessories available to mix and match until you get the combination you like.


Labrico Can Handle the Weight

The materials are durable and strong, so they can handle heavy loads like books and artwork—up to 44lbs of weight (that's a lot!). It is manufactured by Heian Shindo, a manufacturer specializing in tension rods. They are experts on utilizing tension to make safe and durable products.


Use Only on Hard, Stable Surfaces

Please make sure to install Labrico on hard indoor surfaces and not on carpets, in direct sunlight, or in high-humidity areas. Doing so may compromise the integrity of the product.


Labrico Makes DIY Shelves Easy

Now that you know how Labrico works and how simple it is to install personalized, removable shelving, we hope you give it a try. Let Labrico change the way you do DIY and start transforming your home today!


About Heian Shindo

Heian Shindo is the top seller in the Japanese market for tension rods. The company also plans and develops household sundries for storage, such as tension rods, including the DIY parts series Labrico and the interior design series called Draw a Line.

February 24, 2023