As our lifestyles and workstyles become more diverse, the purpose of our living spaces has evolved. With remote work on the rise, creating a comfortable and functional space at home is essential. In this article, we'll introduce you to the stylish and versatile tension rod system, Draw a Line.


Make the Most of Unused Space

Making the Most of Unused Space with Added Trays

Draw a Line's Tension Rod C can be stored vertically, which means you can create storage even in tight spaces with limited horizontal width. You can keep small items like bags, wallets, and keys organized by installing Draw a Line in the corner of your entryway or living room. Coming and going will become a breeze, and you'll be able to live more comfortably.

 Making the Most of Unused Space with Added Tables


Easy to Move and Adjust

Draw a Line is simple to install, and you don't need special tools or skills. It's also easy to move when you want to switch things up or rearrange your room layout, making it perfect for those who love to refresh their living spaces. Plus, you can set accessories at your preferred height, making it accessible for kids too!

Draw A Line is Easy to Adjust and Make Accessible to Kids


Keep Daily-Use Items Within Reach

Draw A Line Keeps Daily-Use Items Within Reach Minus the Clutter

Having easy access to everyday items like jackets and bags is super convenient. With Draw a Line, you can store them vertically without taking up much space, creating a clutter-free and relaxing environment.


Get Creative with Draw a Line:

1.Upgrade Your Kitchen

Use Draw A Line to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it's crucial to have easy access to essential items like seasonings. Draw a Line lets you adjust the accessory parts, such as tables and trays height freely, saving space and making your kitchen more user-friendly. Its sleek design will seamlessly blend with your kitchen decor, making daily cooking more enjoyable!


2. Add Greenery to Your Space

Add Greenery to Your Space with Draw A Line

Draw a Line's stylish design beautifully accentuates your indoor plants. You can even hang greenery from it, effortlessly creating a calming oasis. Adjust the height of your plants as they grow, and quickly reposition them depending on the season to keep your space fresh and inviting.

 Add Hanging Plants to Your Space with Draw A Line

3. Showcase Your Favorite Items

Showcase Your Favorite Items with Draw A Line

Display your treasured collections, such as perfumes or figurines, in style with Draw a Line. The slim poles and simple design spotlight your items, and you can adjust the table height to display them just the way you like.


4. Perfect as a Sofa Side Table

Use Draw A Line as a Sofa Side Table

Draw a Line's elegant design complements any interior and works great as a side table for your sofa. Unlike bulky side tables, Draw a Line is compact and won't obstruct your daily flow. Adjust the shelf height for easy access to your essentials, making life more convenient and enjoyable!


Place Draw a Line in your own space. Use it as a convenient spot for cups and frequently used items like remote controls or smartphones, keeping everything within arm's reach. It's also perfect for holding books or magazines while you're lounging on the sofa, and when guests come over, you can serve tea or treats on it. You can even attach notes and photos to the support pole with magnets.

You can customize this versatile piece to suit your needs and preferences.

Perfect as a Sofa Side Table


Elevate Your Living Space with Draw a Line

Draw a Line helps you utilize unused spaces and enhance your living space's quality. Using it strategically can transform your room's overall look and create a more comfortable, enjoyable living environment. Give Draw a Line a try and discover a new way to revamp your space.

 Elevate Your Living Space with Draw a Line


About Heian Shindo

Heian Shindo is the top seller in the Japanese market for tension rods. The company also plans and develops household sundries for storage, such as tension rods, including the DIY parts series Labrico and the interior design series called Draw a Line.

May 02, 2023