Don't you wish you had more storage in your laundry room? Having an easy-to-reach spot to keep your towels and detergents would be great. Plus, you could use the extra space to hang-dry your clothes. Keep reading and learn how to make more storage in your laundry room!


Make Space

Tension rods create room to store heavy items and hang clothes

Storing heavy things like detergent bottles and bath towels in your laundry room can be a hassle, right? I have the perfect solution to add more storage. A tension rod is super easy to install and requires almost no assembly—anyone can do it. Just choose the right items for your laundry room, and you'll have all the extra space you need!


Use Tension Rods

Here's a great tip to make your laundry routine even easier: use a tension rod to create a spot for air-drying your clothes in any available space! Just put your clothes on hangers and let them dry after washing—it's that simple.

And once they're dry, you can store the hangers away, and your laundry room will look neat and tidy. This is especially helpful if you're dealing with limited space.

How to Choose a Tension Rod

To properly set up your tension rod, it's important to choose one that's the right size for your space. Wet clothes and towels can be heavy, so you'll want to select a rod that's strong enough to handle the weight. Make sure you install it in a spot with a sturdy base to prevent any mishaps. For more in-depth advice on selecting the best tension rod, read this article!


Try Tension Shelves

Use tension shelves to store items that are very wide or thin

Using just a tension rod can make it tough to store items that are too wide or too thin. That's where a tension shelf can come in handy. These shelves can prop up on their own, making them perfect for securely storing detergent bottles and cleaning tools. Plus, you can customize the spacing to fit your needs since they're adjustable.


Suppose you plan to put oversized, bulky and heavy items like laundry baskets on your storage shelves. In that case, using the Reinforced Load Capacity Model is best. These shelves have thicker pipes and can be secured firmly, making them more durable and reliable for holding heavy items.


With a tension shelf, you'll have a convenient and organized storage solution for all your laundry essentials!


How to Choose a Tension Shelf

How to choose a tension shelf. When choosing a tension shelf, consider wall strength, mounting location size, and surface evenness.

There are a few things you need to do when selecting a tension shelf.

1. Check the Strength of the Walls

First of all, it is essential to know the strength of the wall in the room. The load capacity of the tension shelf is essential, but if the wall is hollow or weak, it could cause an accident. It's better to install the tension shelves on a surface that is strong enough to withstand their pressure, such as walls reinforced with studs or crosshairs, rather than on wardrobes or veneer boards.

2. Check the Size of the Mounting Location

Check the width of the place where you want to install the tension shelves. Select the size that matches the installation dimensions indicated on the package.

3. Check for Uneven Surfaces

If there is an uneven surface where you want to install the shelves, choose one with adjustable rod lengths that can be set individually, one by one. If there is no unevenness, using a flat mounting surface or one with a solid base is okay.

Flat Mounting Surface Shelf Installation: Installing shelves on a level surface with a solid base.

djustable Shelf Installation: Installing shelves with individually adjustable rod lengths.

4. Select a Shelving Unit with the Right Load Capacity

The load capacity of a tension shelf can range from light to as strong as 132.2 lbs. Check the load capacity you need for the items you want to store and choose the one you need. Depending on the load capacity, the price, cap size, and pipe thickness will vary, so choose the right one for your space!

Once you've selected your shelving unit, it's time to install it. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step for proper installation.


Real Solutions for Real People

The jacking system on tension shelves makes them super sturdy. That means you can prop them up securely and trust them to hold heavy items like laundry baskets and bath towels.

Tension shelves can hold towels, spray bottles, and more

You can even use the tension rod to hang spray bottles and cleaning supplies, which is a great way to maximize your storage space. So go ahead and load up those shelves—they can handle it!


Create More Storage Space with Tension Rods and Shelves

Create more storage space with tension rods and shelves

This article shows you these awesome tension shelves that are perfect for adding more storage space to your home. Using them together with the tension rods lets you make the most of even the smallest areas and keep all your stuff organized and easy to find. Give it a try and see how much more space you can create!


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June 21, 2023