Labrico | Shelf Support | DX-52E

$19.86 USD
By Labrico


Introducing the Shelf Supporter—an accessory part from Labrico, a DIY parts brand.
It allows you to attach shelves anywhere you desire on wooden posts that Labrico Adjusters hold up.

*For horizontal installation only.

Model No. DXO-52E (Off-white) / DXB-52E (Bronze)
Mounting dimensions Maximum length of the shelf plate is 47.3 inches.
Working load
 *reference value
Up to 66.1 lbs per one shelf plate.
When installing multiple shelf plates, the total working load must not exceed 264.5 lbs (120 kg).
Product dimensions Width 3.5 in
Depth 1.5 in
Height 1.5 in

Material Indication
Resin parts…ABS Resin
Screws…Steel (Plating)

Install Columns First, Then Decide Shelf Height

To ensure proper installation of your shelves, it's best to install the columns first. Once the columns are secure, you can determine the height you want to install your shelves. This post-installation type of shelf support allows you the flexibility to choose a shelf height that is convenient and suitable for your needs.

Sleek Shelf Supporter with Hidden Screws

The Sleek Shelf Supporter from Labrico is designed to create a clean and seamless look by hiding screws from the front. Use it with Labrico adjusters to create a unified and stylish shelving system.

Select From Two Colors

Available in two colors—off-white and bronze—to match the atmosphere of your room and the color of the wood used.

Working load

The working load per a shelf plate must not exceed 66.1 lbs (30 kg) and the shelf plate length must not exceed 47.3 inches (120 cm), when using 2×4 lumber for the shelf plate. When installing multiple shelf plates, the total working load must not exceed 264.5 lbs (120 kg). (The working load includes the weight of the shelf plate itself.)
The working load capacity may decrease because of installation location, the wood to be used and installation condition. As a result, the indicated working load capacity is not a guaranteed value but is shown here for reference only.

Location for installation

・This product is only for indoor use. Do not use this product outside.
・Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity or direct contact with water, or outdoors or in bathrooms.
・Be sure to support the shelf plate at both ends.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.

Precautions for installation

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.
・Do not modify or paint the product.
・Proper mounting and installation may not be possible if the wood used is curved or warped.
・Use the product within the indicated working load capacity shown below.
・When hanging things on the lumber, apply a load that is evenly distributed.
・Avoid applying shock loads to lumber such as pulling it down strongly, shaking it, climbing up or hanging from it.
・Discontinue use immediately if any damage or abnormalities are found.
・Do not store valuable, breakable or hazardous objects on the lumber.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.