Labrico | Adjuster 2x4 | DX-1E

$27.04 USD
By Labrico


Labrico 2x4 Adjusters are a simple, easy way to get started on your next project. By attaching the adjuster to 2x4 lumber and sticking it into the space between the ceiling and the floor, you can erect a post that will serve as a foundation for your DIY project.

No hole drilling in the ceiling or floor is required—just turn the jack to secure the lumber in place. And when you're finished using it, simply take it down and store it away until your next project.

*For vertical installation only.

Model No. DXO-1E (Off-white) / DXB-1E (Bronze)
Mounting dimensions (ceiling height) Up to 108.3 in. high
Working load
 *reference value
44 lbs for each 2x4 pillar
Product dimensions Width 3.7 in
Depth 1.7 in
Height 4.8-5.5 in(ceiling cap and upper cap) / 1.6 in(base cap)

Material Indication
Resin parts…ABS Resin, Synthetic Rubber
Screws…Steel (Plating)
Spring…Spring steel (Plating)

Simply Pop it Onto Either Side of a 2x4 Piece of Wood

Simply set the Labico onto either end of a 2x4 cut to the length you need. Stand it vertically and set it up by propping it between the ceiling and the floor. Freely design the columns by putting up one column and using it as a clock stand, or by putting up multiple columns and passing shelves between them to create storage shelves and displays.

Secure, Tool-Free Installation

No special tools are required for installation. With the strong jack-type fixation, the wood can be firmly secured simply by turning the jack. In addition, the strong tension spring is highly elastic and can be used safely for a long period of time.

No Holes In Your Walls & Can be Removed at Any Time

Labrico's strength lies in the tension built between the floor and the ceiling, so you can easily change the layout of any room without worrying about putting holes in the walls.

Select From Two Colors

Available in two colors—off-white and bronze—to match the atmosphere of your room and the color of the wood used, Labrico 2x4 Adjusters make it easy to create an interior with a sense of unity.
Other accessories such as shelf supports from the Labrico series will fit right in with these adjusters' design aesthetics.

Working load

The working load must not exceed 44 lbs (20 kg) for each 2x4 pillar. Otherwise, it may fall over. (The working load includes the weight of the shelf plate itself, if it is being used.)
The working load capacity may decrease because of installation location, the wood to be used and installation condition. As a result, the indicated working load capacity is not a guaranteed value but is shown here for reference only.

Location for installation

・Install the product where the concrete ceiling and floor or their material and foundations are strong enough to withstand pressure produced by the product during the entire period of use. Do not install on weak ceilings or floors such as those made of wall board or veneer.
・Do not install this product on carpet, straw mat, fragile surface or unfixed desk or table.
・This product is only for indoor use. Do not use this product outside.
・The contact surface should be larger than the surface of the product (upper cap and base cap).
・The product should not be installed on a slope, curved or uneven surface.
・Install the lumber perpendicular to the floor. Do not install the lumber at an angle.
・Install vertically (between ceiling and floor) and not horizontally.
・Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity or direct contact with water, or outdoors or in bathrooms.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.

Precautions for installation

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.
・Do not use this product to protect an individual or their property such as for use as a handrail or guard. Do not attach anything to the product that will produce vibration or shock such as a door on the lumber. Do not use this product for any purpose other than the intended use described in these instructions. Doing so could result in the product falling, leading to injury and/or physical damage.
・Do not install this product above or near hazardous material such as chemicals, cutting tools or other items that could cause injury, combustion equipment or heating equipment. Things hung on the lumber may catch fire or may fall and cause injury.
・Do not modify or paint the product. Doing so could cause the product fall down and cause injury.
・Install the upper cap on the ceiling side of the 2x4 lumber.
・Use the product within the indicated working load capacity shown below.
・When hanging things on the lumber, apply a load that is evenly distributed.
・Avoid applying shock loads to lumber such as pulling it down strongly, shaking it, climbing up or hanging from it.
・Do not hang a TV or bicycle on the product.
・Discontinue use immediately if any damage or abnormalities are found.
・Check the installation condition of the product a few days after each installation and increase the tension force by turning the adjusting screw if the tension force is not enough. As the tension force could loosen when used for a long period of time, check the tension regularly (around once per week) and turn the adjusting screw to increase the tension force in case it has loosened.
・Do not store valuable, breakable or hazardous objects on the lumber.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.