Labrico | Adjustable Iron Rod | Medium | IX_8NE

$48.80 USD
By Labrico


Introducing the Labrico Adjustable Iron Rod, a versatile accessory for seamless integration with your DIY projects.

This innovative screw-fixing pole offers a hassle-free attachment to columns set up with Labrico 2x4 Adjusters or inside of wardrobes.

Its telescopic design ensures a perfect fit in various spaces, eliminating the need for pipe cutting. This product is providing stability and ease of use in custom setups.

* For horizontal installation only.


Model No. IXK-8NE (Black) / IXO-8NE (White)
Size Medium
Installable measurements 27.6 - 43.3 inches
Working load
 *reference value
88.1 - 33 lbs
Product dimensions Width 27.6-43.3 in
Depth 1.2 in
Height 1.2 in

Material Indication
Body…Steel ( Epoxy resin coating )
Screws…Steel (Plating)
Resin parts…ASA Resin

Transform Any Space in Your Room into a Handy Hanger Rack

You can easily turn various places in your room, like closets or bookshelves, into convenient hanger racks. With the ability to adjust both the width and height, you can fit the pole perfectly to your desired spot.

Effortless Installation

Just fix the end socket with screws, extend the pole into the socket, and give it a twist. You won't need to go through the hassle of cutting pipes to size. Start using it right from the day you buy it - it's that simple.

Sturdy and Stable

Concerned about hanging your seasonal wardrobes? This product offers a screw-fixed design that remains stable under a certain amount of weight. You can hang clothes within the set working load limit without worrying about the pole falling because of the screw-fixed design.

Sleek Design with Hidden Screws

The design cleverly conceals the screw heads, ensuring a clean and simple look. It's versatile and fits in seamlessly wherever you choose to use it.

Compatible with the Adjuster Series for Damage-Free Installation

Worried about damaging your walls, especially in a rental? This adjustable rod can be attached to columns set up with Labrico 2x4 Adjusters, allowing you to install your hanger rack without any wall damage.

Available in Three Sizes for Various Widths

Whether you need a small 19.7 inches wide rack or a larger one up to 74.8 inches, we have you covered with three different sizes. Choose the one that best fits the space you have in mind.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility this hanger rack brings to your living space!

Working load

The working load must not exceed the indicated working load capacity, 88.1-33 lbs (40-15 kg)/ 27.6-43.3 inches.
The working load capacity may decrease because of installation location, the wood to be used and installation condition. As a result, the indicated working load capacity is not a guaranteed value but is shown here for reference only.

Location for installation

・This product is only for indoor use. Do not use this product outside.
・The product should not be installed on a slope, curved or uneven surface.
・Install the product perpendicular to the mounting surface. Do not install the product at an angle.
・Install horizontally (perpendicular to the wall) and not vertically.
・Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity or direct contact with water, or outdoors or in bathrooms.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.

Precautions for installation

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.
・Do not use this product to protect an individual or their property such as for use as a handrail or guard. Do not use this product for any purpose other than the intended use described in these instructions. Doing so could result in the product falling, leading to injury and/or physical damage.
・Do not install this product above or near hazardous material such as chemicals, cutting tools or other items that could cause injury, combustion equipment or heating equipment. Things hung on the product may catch fire or may fall and cause injury.
・Do not modify or paint the product.
・Use the product within the indicated working load capacity shown below.
・When hanging things on the product, apply a load that is evenly distributed.
・Avoid applying shock loads to the product such as pulling it down strongly, shaking it, climbing up or hanging from it.
・Check periodically that there is no deformation, damage, cracking or looseness of the rod fixing during use.
・Discontinue use immediately if any damage or abnormalities are found.
・Do not store valuable, breakable or hazardous objects on the product.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.