Draw a Line | Shoes Rack | Vertical Mounting | White

$70.00 USD


A Companion Piece for Draw a Line's Tension Rod.
Designed specifically for use with vertically mounted tension rods, Shoes Rack offers versatility and convenience.
Shoe Racks allow you to store shoes at a height that is convenient for you, even in a compact space.

*For vertical installation only.


Model No. D-17-WH
Necessary installable measurements Width 5.6 in
Depth 10.7 in
Height 1.2 in
Load capacity
*reference values
Up to 2.2lbs

Material Indication
Body…Steel (Epoxy resin coating)
Screws…Brass, Steel, ABS Resin

Space-Saving Shoe Display Rack

At a sleek 5.6 in width and 10.7 in depth, our rack is thoughtfully designed to give your favorite shoes the spotlight they deserve without overwhelming your space.
With adjustable heights, it ensures everyone, from little feet to big ones, finds their perfect fit.

Versatile Storage Just for You

Discover a storage solution that adapts to your needs. Whether showcasing your favorite footwear or storing your umbrellas, our adaptable stand effortlessly caters to your unique lifestyle.
Let your creativity shine, and make it your own!

Unified Design with Tension Rod

The shoes rack is made of the same matte-textured steel as the Tension Rod, creating a uniform look. The brass screw ages beautifully over time and with use.
The simple shape of the shoes rack blends well with any interior while adding a sense of presence.

Select From Two Colors

Available in a chic and luxurious black or clean and natural-looking white to suit any location. The lineup can be easily matched to any scene or interior theme.

Location for installation

・This product is only for indoor use. Do not use this product outside.
・Install this products where is not within person's reach who may damage and/or falling down the product such as children.

Product appearance

Enjoy the charm and appearance of the materials as they change and age.
・Brass parts are not plated but left in their original state, so the color will change over time.
・The steal surface are coated with a matt finish to give it a unique texture. The surface coating get scratched when some hard tip touch the surface.
・During installation, to fix the position by pushing screw into the pipes, a scratch will be made on the pipe.

Precautions for installation

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.
・Do not use this product for any purpose other than the intended use described in these instructions.
・Do not disassemble or modify the product.
・Avoid hanging stuffs beyond the indicated load capacity or applying shock loads. Doing so could result in the products physical damage and/or falling down.
・In case of pulling the product or shoes getting stuck with the product, it could cause the tension rod to fall and cause injury and/or damage the floor.
・Tighten the brass screws firmly and check whether the product could not be slipped down before use.
・Water and oils can discolor or rust the product. In case of contact, immediately clean and remove these substances.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.