Labrico | Adjuster 2x4 | DX-1

By Labrico

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Labrico 2x4 Adjusters are a simple, easy way to get started on your next project. By attaching one of these adjusters to 2x4 lumber and sticking it into the space between the ceiling and the floor, you can erect a post that will serve as a foundation for your DIY project.

No hole drilling in the ceiling or floor is required—just turn the jack to secure the lumber in place. And when you're finished using it, simply take it down and store it away until your next project.

Model No. DXO-1 (Off-white) / DXB-1 (Bronze)
Mounting dimensions (ceiling height) Up to 108.3 in. high
Working load
 *reference value
44 lbs (per side of post)
Product dimensions Width 3.7 in
Depth 1.7 in
Height 4.8-5.5 in(top cap and ceiling cap) / 1.6 in(base cap)

Material Indication
Resin part…ABS resin and synthetic rubber
Screw…Steel (plated)
Spring…Spring steel (plated)

Simply Pop it Onto Either Side of a 2x4 Piece of Wood

Simply set the Labico onto either end of a 2x4 cut to the length you need. Stand it uvertically and set it up by propping it between the ceiling and the floor. Freely design the columns by putting up one column and using it as a clock stand, or by putting up multiple columns and passing shelves between them to create storage shelves and displays.

Secure, Tool-Free Installation

No special tools are required for installation. With the strong jack-type fixation, the wood can be firmly secured simply by turning the jack. In addition, the strong tension spring is highly elastic and can be used safely for a long period of time.

No Holes In Your Walls & Can be Removed at Any Time

Labrico's strength lies in the tension built between the floor and the ceiling, so you can easily change the layout of any room without worrying about putting holes in the walls.

Select From Two Colors

Available in two colors—off-white and bronze—to match the atmosphere of your room and the color of the wood used, Labrico 2x4 Adjusters make it easy to create an interior with a sense of unity.
Other accessories such as shelf supports from the Labrico series will fit right in with these adjusters' design aesthetics.

Working load

Weight applied to one column should be limited to 20 kg. If a load is applied to only one side of the column, the imbalance may cause it to fall over. (The weight of any shelf boards and accessories used are also included.) The load capacity is an experimental value. It is not guaranteed because conditions vary depending on the installation location and the wood used. Do not hang bicycles, televisions, or valuables on the frame, as they may topple over.

Location for installation

Install the product on a solid base with concrete or horizontal studs. Do not install on sloped ceilings or floors, on tatami mats or carpets, or in Japanese-style room ceilings. Installation on a weak base may cause the product to fall over or damage the ceiling.

・This product is for indoor use.
・Do not use the product in direct sunlight, in places with high temperatures, or in humid places such as bathrooms.
・Do not install on a sloped ceiling or floor. Doing so may cause the product to fall over.
・Installation dimensions should be limited to a height of 108 1/4 in.
・The product is designed exclusively as a vertical tension rod. Do not use it horizontally.

Precautions for installation

  • To ensure safe and proper use of the product, read the instruction manual first.
  • This product is intended to be attached to commercially available 2x4 lumber (38x89mm) secure the column to the floor and ceiling without using screws or nails.
  • Prepare 2x4 lumber that is 3.7 in shorter than the height of the ceiling.
  • Install the product perpendicular to the floor. Installing at an angle may cause it to fall.
  • Do not use the product to hold hazardous objects, valuables, and other objects that may be damaged, in order to avoid emergencies.
  • Do not climb on or hang from the product.
  • Adhesion of deodorant, fragrance, cosmetics, hairdressing product, acid detergent, alkaline detergent, fats and oils, and organic solvents (e.g., benzine, thinner) will result in degradation and deterioration. Those substances must be removed immediately.
  • Do not paint the product.
  • The product is designed exclusively as a vertical tension rod. Do not use it horizontally.
  • If an abnormality, such as damage or cracks, occurs in the product, stop using it immediately.
  • We do not provide compensation for failures, damage, or accidents owing to forces of nature, such as a natural disaster, aging degradation, modification of the product, failure to comply with these instructions, and misuse.