Extra Strong Reinforced Tension Rod | Medium | HGP-75E

$81.27 USD


This is a heavy-load jack screw tension rod with enhanced load-bearing capacity (max. load-bearing capacity 176.3lbs) for when you just need a place to hang heavier items.

It adopts the Unique High-Tension Cam mechanism developed by our company and a strong spring built-in to achieve the highest load-bearing capacity ever, with a wide range of purposes.

Hang-dry clothes indoors or add storage space in a closet. It is designed to support heavy clothes, such as suits, without falling down.


Model No. HGP-75E
Size Medium (29.6 - 43.3 in)
Necessary installable measurements Width 29.6 - 43.3 in
Depth 2.6 in
Height 4 in

Load capacity
 *reference values

Installing with 29.6 in … Up to 176.3lbs
Installing with 43.3 in … Up to 110.2lbs

Pipe diameter 1.4 in / 1.2 in

Material Indication
Pipes…Steel (Epoxy Resin Coating)
Resin parts…ABS Resin, Synthetic Rubber
Screws…Steel (Plating)
Spring…Spring steel (Plating)

Pipe Diameter and Strong Spring

The reinforced load-bearing models have a strong spring built in that prevents the rod from shifting and falling.
The dimensions of the rods are 1.4 in x 1.2 in for maximum sturdiness.

Unique High-Tension Cam Mechanism Built In

The HGP series, the most powerful model among the load-bearing reinforced models of tension rods, uses Heian Shindo's original high tension cam mechanism.
The more weight that is applied to the tension rod, the stronger the grip between the cap and the wall becomes.

Size Variation of this HGP Series

The HGP series comes in three different widths, ranging from a minimum of 29.6 inches to a maximum of 110.3 inches, making it suitable for both small and large spaces. (Model No. HGP-75E, HGP-110E, HGP-170E)

Location for installation

・This product is for indoor use only.
・Install the product where the concrete walls, pillars and their walls and foundations are strong enough to withstand pressure produced by the rod during the entire period of use.
・The product should not be installed on a slope, curved or uneven surface.
・Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity or direct contact with water, or outdoors or in bathrooms.
・Since the product presses strongly against the walls, marks may remain on the walls after the rod is removed. Use the product where such marks will not lead to appearance problems.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.

Precautions for installation

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.
・Do not use this product to protect an individual or their property such as for use as a handrail or guard or for any purpose other than the intended use.
・Do not install this product above or near hazardous material such as chemicals, cutting tools or other items that could cause injury, combustion equipment, heating equipment, or above a place where people normally are located.
・Do not modify rod.
・When installing and using the product, observe the following:
 - Install horizontally (perpendicular to the wall) and not vertically.
 - Install the product within the necessary installable measurements indicated above.
 - Use the product within the indicated load capacity.
 - When hanging things on the rod, apply a load that is evenly distributed.
 - Avoid applying shock loads to the rod such as pulling it down strongly, shaking it, or hanging from it.
 - Check the installation condition of the product a few days after installation, and then weekly.
・Do not install the product above or near valuable or breakable objects, or above a faucet.

・The load capacity may decrease because of the magnitude of the pressure produced between the product and wall, installation length, wall material, and installation condition.
 As a result, the indicated load capacity is not a guaranteed value but is shown here for reference only.
・We will not compensate for failures, damage, and injuries due to things such as natural disasters, deterioration, alteration, inappropriate use, or failure to follow these instructions.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.