Adjustable Tension Rod Hanger Rack | TNP-5


This tension rod hanger rack is perfect for efficiently organizing your clothes and accessories. Install it indoors, in closets, or in any room needing more storage.

This rack is easy to set up with no tools required and no need to drill holes in the wall.

Customize the height of the hanger pipe and shelf to fit your space, and adjust the width to meet your storage needs.


Model No. TNP-5
Necessary installable measurements Width 26.4 - 37.4 in
Depth 10.3 in
Height 74.8 - 104 in

Load capacity
 *reference values

Up to 55.1lbs

Material Indication
Pipes…Steel (Epoxy Resin Coating)
Resin parts…ABS Resin, Synthetic Rubber
Screws…Steel (Plating)

Customizable Hanging Storage Solution

The width of the hanger pipe and shelf can be adjusted to fit your needs, with a range of 26.4-37.4 in. You can change the height of the hanger pipe and shelf for a tailored storage experience.

Easy and Tool-Free Installation

Easily install the hanger rack by turning the grips with the jack screw tension rod mechanism—no need for any tools or drilling holes in the wall.

Ample Storage Space

Enjoy ample storage with the hanger pipe and two shelves, perfect for any indoor or closet space.

Location for installation

・This product is for indoor use only.
・Install the product where the concrete walls, pillars and their walls and foundations are strong enough to withstand pressure produced by the rod during the entire period of use.
・The product should not be installed on a slope, curved or uneven surface.
・Do not use the product in areas subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity or direct contact with water, or outdoors or in bathrooms.
・Since the product presses strongly against the walls, marks may remain on the walls after the rod is removed. Use the product where such marks will not lead to appearance problems.
 *Excerpts from the instruction manual.

Precaution information

To ensure safe and proper use of this product, please read the instruction manual before use.